Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Musikgarten Manila?

We have four branches to serve you. We can be found in Ortigas center in Pasig, San Pedro City in Laguna, Baguio city, and our most recent one at BGC Taguig. You can check out our Home Page for more details on our facilities.

Q: Who are qualified to enroll in the music courses?

Musikgarten Manila caters to children and adults. Music is beneficial to all ages. It is never too early or too late to learn music. As long as you are interested to learn, you do your part as a student by practicing, you will surely improve in the course of the training.

Q: When can you enroll for the music courses?

For our infant and early childhood music programs, it is ideal to enroll two weeks before the program begins. Baby group classes are for ages 3 months to 18 months. Toddler group classes are for 1.6 to 3 years of age. And, Preschooler program is for 3.1 to 5 years of age. We also have mixed-age classes for children with siblings.
For the individual music class, we encourage children at least 5 years of age. They may enroll at any time. However, we can consider younger ages to be enrolled based on the level of interest of the child. An assessment session is usually done.

Q: Can I enroll my 4-year old child in an individual music lesson?

While we believe that there is biological readiness for learning an instrument, we still consider the level of interest of the child. We conduct an assessment session where teacher can evaluate the student. Otherwise, we have group music classes designed for the specific age level of 0-5 years of age. This program prepares children for the individual music training when they reach the ideal age for such approach.

Q: Will adults still be able to improve their voices or learn an instrument?

Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, it is possible for you to improve your musical talent as adult learners. It is your passion to learn that will help you reach your goals. Our bodies will adjust accordingly as we practice or vocalize religiously. Get ready to be amazed!

Q: My 4-year old is already enrolled in a preschool. Can I still enroll my child in a Musikgarten program?

You definitely should! Musikgarten classes are also enhancement programs. Our program will always compliment any other preschool program.
We specialize in music and movement where children are supported in their nature to keep moving around. We provide that environment where they are free to move accompanied by melody and rhythm. And in this sensitive period of exploration, our fun and yet purposeful activities will help address all areas to be developed. You only have a lot to gain as music and movement nourishes the mind and spirit of children.

Q: Do you have free trial classes?

Yes, we give a free trial class for early childhood programs. This is availed at one time only. You may book with our branch assistant to ensure a slot in class.

Q: Can the student attend lessons more than once a week?

Yes. Having lessons more than once a week is advantageous. Frequency of lessons will ensure consistency in the student’s progress. 

Q: How many studios are there in the branch?

The number of rooms for School of Music depends on the location of the branch. In BGC branch, there are seven studios. While in Ortigas branch, we have six studios in use and four studios in Laguna branch. For early childhood centre, we have one classroom each for BGC and Ortigas branches and two classrooms for the branch in Laguna.

Q: How much is the tuition fee?

We don’t publish our rates in our website. Kindly refer to the contact information of the branch you are enrolling in or send us your mobile no. and email address so we can send you the tuition fees and application form.

Q: Are discounts available for siblings or students enrolling in multiple courses?

Yes. We give 5% discount on the sibling/s enrolled or second course availed by the principal student.

Q: My child is not yet sure what instrument she likes to learn. How can you help her find out?

It is normal for some children to feel uncertain of what instrument to learn. They are at an explorative stage. It helps identify which they would choose once they get to experience the instrument. In our effort to support this exploration period, we can customize the classes until the child decides which is the most enjoyable to learn.

Q: Do I need to buy my own instrument in order to take lessons?

It is ideal for students to have their own instrument. The teacher will instruct them to have short daily practices. Having their own instrument will familiarize them with the instrument, thus, aide in the students’ progress.

Q: Are parents allowed to watch the child having lessons inside the room?

For individual music courses, parents are not allowed inside the booth as we want the student to focus on their work. The doors of the booth have glass windows where parents can take a sneak peek. However, the music and movement early childhood classes are programs designed for both parent and child. So, parents are encouraged to join their young ones.

Q: How do we make payment?

Tuition fees may be paid in cash or checks. Fees must be settled upon registration to ensure the slot and schedule the student has chosen. 

Q: Do we need books or materials for the music lessons?

Yes. There are instrument courses where books are a requirement. Students may buy the books from us. Voice students need to bring their printed lyric sheets and songs saved in an MP3, ipod, mobile or other electronic devices where audio recordings can be played from. 

Q: What kind of practice routine is expected from the students?

A good teacher is an important consideration in the success of the student, but vast majority of work should be done by the student. This skill can’t be handed down and teachers are there to guide, facilitate and motivate the student while ensuring they enjoy in the journey of learning. 

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